Tanush Hegde

    Cinematic, Electronic, HipHop, Ambient

    Tanush Hegd is the creative force behind Big Trouble, a solo project that embodies the cutting-edge, sub-heavy, and intense sounds of a 26-year-old producer based in Bangalore, India. With releases on notable labels such as 4NCY Darkmode (UK), Aspire Higher (US), Dream Vault (US), and La Musice, Tanush has carved a distinctive niche for himself. His singles, known for testing the limits of subwoofers, have garnered attention, leading to performances at clubs and festivals nationwide. Sharing stages with international acts like Kahn (UK), Pav4n (UK/DXB), Hypho (UK), Denham Audio (UK), Mani festo (UK), Zed Bias (UK), and others, Tanush has solidified his presence in the music scene. Additionally, he showcased his passion for music as the host of the monthly online radio show 'Sub Science' on from 2021 to 2022.

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