Puneet Singh

    Indian Folk, Classic Rock, Alt. Rock

    Puneet sways in the multi genre and electronic sound scape with expertise in complex and erratic drums live and otherwise. Having experience with bands and having been around Indian Classical since childhood, an erratic approach of rhythm and patterns is what he seeks and create. Contrasting with Indian Folk with 'Quissa' and Classic/Alt. Rock with 'MFZR', Puneet has been morphing around Rock, Folk and Classical with Pop sounds with his new project TMDA (They Might be Disco Animals). Translating Western Influences into flavourful jabs to fit an Indian context, TMDA features multiple artists mainly from Punjab and around India to create a cinematic essence of storytelling in their music. With an ever changing approach in design, Puneet is set to expand the boundaries of their music while bringing artists together.

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