Priyanshu Chaudhary

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Electronic, HipHop, Ambient

Originating from India, DARN stepped into music production in the year 2018. Immensely inspired by the experimental bass music which included every genre of music he ever grew to like, squashed together in single tracks, his dark, heavy and heart throbbing tracks will leave you astonished. Taking inspiration from mind wobbling artists like Shades (Eprom & Alix Perez) and G Jones. DARN carries the vision to move the bass music further on with his remarkable experiments with sounds and rhythms to produce unique styles arms genres to it. Besides from his dark and soul moving tracks, he urges to bring the experimental bass scene in the front lines and get as much as attention from people as it goes for other genres in India, he aspires to give this youth such mind strucking and captivating music to which anyone would groove. Riddim and trap is pretty common in the underground scene here, according to me it is something I signed up for, to introduce them to the experimental bass music and I am pretty much sure they would know countless reasons to fall in love with it, he added.Made his first exceptional international debut on The Electric Movement, LA this January which was held on twitch and released on well-known labels like Octopus Sound and Screech (which is an Indian label co-founded by his friend H3llkitty).

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